Friday, July 22, 2016

Santa Cruz Island - Channel Islands National Park (Santa Barbara, CA) - Summer Vacation July 2016

These pictures are from an excursion that we took to Santa Cruz Island - an island off the coast of California that is a part of Channel Islands National Park. It was like another world - AMAZING! I thought I'd get these types of views only in Ireland, but boy was I wrong! Glad to see that a place this beautiful is so close to home!  It was a great all-day adventure!  I will definitely be back!

Ready for the off! Boats at the harbor - early morning view!

 Ready for adventure!! My parents and me!! :)

Our cruise out to Santa Cruz Island via the Santa Barbara Channel!  Amazing!!!!
 We arrive and are skiffed out to the island by raft. FUN!! Hehehe!

 Welcome to Santa Cruz Island

  View of the rocky beach. Nice!

 Ready to hike the island! :)

 Astoundingly beautiful!  ;)

 My  mom is pumped up and ready to go!  ;)

 My sister and I are eager for adventure!  ;)

 Another amazing view.

 Fascinating.  ;)

Clear blue water.

 Near the place where we pinicked.  

 A cute baby fox relaxes near the campground.  ;)  

 Island views of the island.

 My sister points out that we're lost.  Uh oh!  My mom leads on.  Does she know where she's going?  Hmmmm!  hehehe ;)

 More rolling hills.  :)  

 Fantastical view!  It's like something out of a story book!  :)

Beautiful as always.  

From the boat back to Santa Barbara.  Santa Cruz Island ...we love you!  ;)

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