Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

I had a wonderful summer vacation.  I got to enjoy myself and relax .  More importantly, I got to see my parents again.  They visited for 8 days from Georgia.  It was fantastic!  :) I've posted some pictures of some amazing places that we visited - Las Vegas and Santa Cruz Island.  Also, below, you'll find some other places that we went to to hang out.


Torri ;)


Gorgeous mountain view, as we drive up to the summit.

 Fields of fresh flowers.

 Another stunning view.  You can see the city below. 

 Lovely evergreens up the mountain.  

 My parents chill out on a rock.  Hehehe!

 Breathtaking view!  

 Big Bear Lake!  Huge lake loaded with fresh fish.  Great place for boating and other water activities.  I love it!

With the fam.  And as usual, I represent Hogwarts.  Hehehe!


 Skull Rock.  

Desert landscape

 My lovely sister!  :) 

 Ready for the GRUB!  :)  YUM YUM

 The picnic GRUB!  :)

 A unique sort of rock.  Wow!

 Chillin' on a rock.

Another great shot. 

 If you look closely, she can see the San Andreas Fault and the Salton Sea.  ;)

 Taking a picture, of a picture, of a picture.  :)

 Chillin' on another rock.  hehehe

My sister attempts to fly away.

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