Friday, July 22, 2016

Las Vegas, NV....Summer Vacation - July 2016

Las Vegas was never on my list of places to visit, but it's not so far away from California (only 4.5 hours).  I figured that I'd give it a shot.  This summer, my family and I took a road trip to Vegas and had a blast!  I am definitely returning!  And I must say that Vegas does live up to it's hype in my opinion!  Check out my photos below.  I've got more, but only wanted to share a few.  Enjoy!

Torri ;)

 Early morning stop for coffee and the toilet!

 On our way to Vegas baby!

Cool Mountain.

 I just had to get this picture, it reminded me of those movies in which people get stranded out in the desert in ghost towns. Hehehe!

  From the parking deck at Caesar's Palace

 My mom and sister pose for me in front of this picture that I loved. Hehehe!!

 Love this place! It was my favorite!  Caesar's Palace
 Cooling it with my stepdad. ;) 

 Cool ;)

 My mom is happy.  Can't you tell?  

 My first and only win of the day. :( Hehehe Well, at least I got something! 


 Nice View outside! - So hot though!!!  Wow!  

 Great!  Wish I could dive in the fountain!  ;)

 Cool angle with my camera.  ;)

 Outside the Venetian.  :)

 The Gondolas  outside Venetian

 We ate at Caesar's Palace.  The buffet Bacchanel was FANTASTIC!  They had so much food!  I started with Chinese and finished with American.  ;)

 Fresh crab legs.  Yummmy!

 Surprised I had room for dessert.  hahaha

 Another cool view!  ;)

 The Paris Hotel.  ;)  NICE!

 My mom won me a proper amount.  :)  She had to do it for me because I am so unlucky!  ;)

 In side the Bellagio Hotel.  Pretty neat.  

 I think they are obsessed with the sea???  :)

More from the Sea.  ;)

Trump Hotel!  Who could forget?! :)

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