Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello all,

I've been busy as usual, but now I have time to write, as I've taken a quick break from work.  :)  My days are going well and I am looking so forward to the Christmas holiday and the 2 weeks off work.  I will be one of the most laziest persons on earth during those two weeks.  Hehehe!

My job is going cool.  I've been busy here, but that's good because it makes my day go by quickly.  At my last job I was hardly ever busy.  It was hard to just sit all day and have nothing to do.  That can take a mental toll on a person's psyche!!  ;o)

I always look forward to the weekends because my sister and I have been trying different restaurants and going to different shops around our house.  Two weekends ago, we tried Korean food.  It was my sister's first time to eat it, but I have eaten it twice before when I was in Georgia.  However, I must say that this experience, and the food, was much more better than what I've previously had.  YUMMM!!!  I am looking forward to this weekend.  What restaurant will we try this time?

 Chopsticks.  :)

 Yummy sides before the arrival of the food.

My bowl of jjigae - seafood...YUMMY!

My sister's bibimbap with tofu.

Empty dishes--all gone!  YUM!

Just checking in!  ;)

Torri :)

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