Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Second Thanksgiving in California 2015

Second Thanksgiving in California.  My first one was here many years ago when my sister and I were on vacation.  I have to admit that my holiday this year was a bit sad, not having my mother and stepfather join, but my sister and I pulled off a great meal.  :)  It was a great Thanksgiving.  Also very relaxing because I didn't do any decorating and tablescape!  It was good to just be able to prepare a plate and go eat.  ;)

Torri :)

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Sherry Montgomery said...

From Mom and Dad: we so miss ya'll, life just isn't the same without ya'll here. We're very happy for Ya'll but so sad being so far way from ya'll. Love ya'll with all my (our)Heart. May The Lord continue to Bless and watch over my Little Girls, and may everything you do prosper in Jesus. love you, kiss Cokie.

Mom :)