Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

OMG!  I have been so busy lately!  Where do I start!  I'll just list all the changes in my life:

1.  My sister and I are FINALLY relocating to California, which is something that we've wanted to do for a LONG time!  :)  Everything's set.  My sister's got an amazing, well-paying job, and I've been doing a couple of interviews for some universities/colleges in the area where we'll be living - Riverside, California.  Hope to hear something soon!

We took a trip last week to go pick out a house, and boy can I tell you that I never knew that we were so PICKY!  It was difficult to find a house in just 1 week, but we pulled it off after a lot of screaming, pouting, and complaining.  I'm surprised our real estate agent was able to keep up with us and didn't just knock us out!  Hahahah  Thanks, Esperanza!!!  ^^

After many hours of driving around the area and looking at house after house, we found the perfect place for us in a most desirable area.  It's called the French Valley (Winchester California).  I've posted some pictures of the area below, as well as the house.  Winchester is called the "French Valley," and it is home to many Southern California's wineries and parks. My official move date is:  July 20th!  I'll do some updates as soon as I have my computer set up in my new room!!!  Please bare with me!!!

2.  I got a new car!  This was something that I didn't plan at all!!!!  My old car just DIED on me for no reason at all.  Well, actually, the car was still going (bless it's soul), but the airconditioner was broken well beyond repair.  :(  It would have had to been rebuilt I was told.  And I didn't want to put that much money into that older car - 2003 Toyota Camry.  I was able to get this new car, thanks be to God!!!  ^^  I'm happy with it because it's very modern, but I'm not so happy about having a new payment or anything.  hahahaha!  But, I'll manage!  Hyundai Sonata...

3.  Just a side note.....  I've always wanted to do my DNA testing to see what cultures I've got in me.  So I signed up for Ancestry DNA and had a test done to check my ancestors and to see where they were from.  I've posted the results below.  I think it's absolutely amazing.  I've got some races and cultural groups in me that I never knew about!  It's amazing to know which places my ancesters came from in Africa!!!  So many black Americans don't know this! Wow!!!  ;)

All in all, that's all news from me.  As I've said, I'll be very busy the coming weeks, but I intend on doing more blogging as we get settled in a new state and house.

Keep in touch!!

Torri ;)

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