Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pleasureable and Quiet Getaway. . .

I've wanted to stay in this hotel - Hilton LAX --when a friend from along ago said that she had stayed there and really enjoyed it. I still remember the picture she took on the grand staircase in the lobby.  Ever since then, I've longed to stay.   Even though this hotel was out of the way from where we're moving in California, I decided to stay anyway.  I was very impressed with the updated rooms and supreme service.  I took a few pictures!  I will definitely be staying here again!  You should, too! :)  It's reasonably affordable, and they offer loads of discounts with Hilton Honors..

Room with a view of L.A.  

Grand staircase. ;)

Part of the lobby area.

One of the hotel's restaurant entrances.

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