Monday, September 29, 2014

Labor Day Trip Savannah, Georgia

My sister and I took a drive down to Savannah, Georgia in early September - Labor Day weekend.  Why?  Because we've never been there before and we've never seen the Atlantic Ocean.  Can you believe it?  All this time living in Georgia, so close to the Atlantic Ocean, and we've never seen it before?  Hahaha!  People don't consider how much their own home states/cities have to offer and therefore, they take it all for granted, like we did.  Little did we know that paradise was right around the corner - or 4 hours away!  I must say that this trip to Savannah has given me a new perspective of Georgia, and has made me think twice whenever I go bashing it and saying that I'd rather go somewhere else!  What an awesome day trip we had!  Enjoy my pictures!

A beautiful sunny Georgia day, on our way southeast to Savannah.

Approaching the amazing city of Savannah after a 4 hour drive from our home.  WHEW!

Beautiful tree lined, brick streets of Savannah.  It was like something out of Gone With the Wind.
More beautiful views and trees - southern charm. 
Historical southern homes line the streets on both sides.
We had tea at Gryphon Tea Room - what a great place to have tea and scones.
Street view outside Gryphon Tea Room
Lovely tea set set before us.  :)
I liked this tea room because not only was it all about tea, it was about books as well.  The entire room was themed in books!  Above is a picture of the bar area all in books. 
As you can see, books lined the walls everywhere, even above the sitting area. Nice!  This place felt like it should be somewhere on Diagon Alley (If you're a fan of Harry Potter, you know what I mean).
More cool decor in Gryphon Tea Room.

Our lovely tea hostess serves me hot tea, cream, and scones YUMMMMYYY!!

She serves my sister tea as well.  :) 

Up close - scones, jam and fresh Devonshire cream! These have to be the best scones I've ever had.

We had a yummy lunch of chicken marsala and roasted potatoes.  :)  DIVINE!

This has to be the cutest thing!  Our receipt was inside this book, and these little cute chocolate chip cookies were a way to say THANK YOU from Gryphon!

Old Town Trolley takes tours around the city. 

The park was amazing.  It was so relaxing, what a great place to sit after being stuffed with yummy scones and jam.  :)

More lovely tree lined streets.  :)  I love the moss in them.  It's amazing.

Crossing the marshes on our way to Tybee Island.

View of the marsh.
Near Tybee Island Beach Walk.

Homes in Tybee Island. I wonder which one is Sandra Bullock's?

We had to cross this bridge to get to the mighty Atlantic!

Amazing bridge again.  :) Great picture!

Blissful view - see the Atlantic in the background?

There's the beach! :)

The white sands of Tybee Island Beach - I can't believe this is Georgia! WOW!


Not a good picture of me after a 4 hour drive, but the background is amazing.  ;)

Beach goers enjoying the sun.  :)

Me again  - still not cute ^^- but this place is fabulous!

My first view of the Atlantic, Ocean.  It's very nice!!!  The water is so warm and much calmer than the roaring Pacific!  :)

House overlooking the ocean. 

Me, walking a little closer in, and representing' SLYTHERIN house :)

The Atlantic Ocean :)  Green/Blue water.  Wow!

Every time I go to the beach, I must write my name in the sand.

I know this may sound stupid, but we visited the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, where Clint Eastwood and John Cusack shot the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."  Too bad we couldn't find the famous grave statue from the movie and book cover because it's been moved, but it was so nice to see this lovely and peaceful place!  See pictures below:

How morbid of me to be posing and smiling in a graveyard huh?  Hahaha ;)  Oh well.

On our way to Wormsloe Plantation, but we arrived too late.  They were closed.  :(  We'll do this next time!  :)
Wormsloe Plantation Entrance.

What a long drive way to the plantation.  :) 

Thanks for viewing!  :)

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