Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pretty Pink Easter (2012)

This Easter, I decided to do something different and fun.  This pretty pink and white tablescape was fresh, airy, and very spring-like! 

My mother, pretty in pink, poses for the camera.

 Charming Easter trinkets make for a fun and festive holiday celebration!

So this year, I thought I'd do something different - not take a picture of my dinner plate which consisted of a delightful herb and veggie roasted chicken, devilled eggs, green beans, mac - n-cheese, and dressing and gravy.  ^^  I did, however, decide to take a picture of the Easter celebration's star dessert, a delicious French Almond Tart (Gallette des Rois Aux Amandes), which is a recipe from the Two Fat Ladies Cookbook! I love you Jennifer and Clarrisa!!!

 Being older and mature, my dinner guests felt that they would look incredibly stupid having an outdoor Easter egg hunt.  Instead of hunting for eggs around the garden, this yummy tart enclosed a surprise as well.  Whoever got the bean in his or her slice won a LOVELY Easter basket and got to wear bunny ears the entire day!  ^^

 Who won this lovely Easter basket and got the be "bunny for a day?"...........

Yours truly!!! - and no, I did not rig anything up!  ^^
Fun colored cupcakes made my guests all feel like kids again! 

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