Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Irish Feast!

Saint Patrick's Day is not given much deserved attention nowadays. It seems that people have forgotten all about the color green, leprechauns, four leaf clovers, and arching rainbows ending with cauldrons full of gold. Well, I am one to never forget holidays, as I try to make it a point to celebrate each. This year, I decided to do a traditional Irish dinner to celebrate winter's end and everything that makes Saint Patrick's Day so special!

Coco needed a little hand showing off his Saint Patrick's Day attire. :)

Strong, bold ice coffee (instead of Irish beer for us non drinkers) went well with my Irish meal.

Don't be too greedy for shepherd's pie (like me) and not let it set up before serving. Despite it's juices still running, it was YUMMY and very flavorful. I also made traditional Irish fried cabbage with bacon and yummy Irish soda bread with butter!

Dessert was a raspberry coffee cake.....

All sliced up, it went down yummy with a dollop of fresh, homemade Devonshire cream and raspberry sauce.

My first every TASTY Irish soda bread. Trust me, this bread will not just be served for St. Pattie's day, I'll make it all-year-round!

Coco wanted to show his attire off one more time! :)

My LUCKY Saint Patrick's Day t-shirt!

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