Monday, August 29, 2011

Sims 2

Okay, so I have already mentioned in some early posts that I am a HUGE computer game NERD! But it wasn't until my friend and my sister turned me on to the Sims that I found out that I am ADDICTED to computer games. The Sims 2, that's right, Sims 2 (not Sims 3) has got to be the most exciting game that I have ever played. I cannot believe how much time I am spending playing it! The little 'sims' are so important to me, and there isn't a day that goes by that I won't get on and "check on" them. hahahaa :) They have hugely become a part of my everyday routine/life. If you're thinking about getting the Sims game, I highly reccommend that you get Sims 2; it is much better than the Sims 3, which I found extremely difficult to figure out. There are loads of expansion packs that come with both games. So far, I've only got one - Sims 2 Seasons. It has yet to arrive from Amazon, but I tell you, I am counting the days until it's arrival! I imagine I'll spend more sleepless nights in front of my laptop, eyes red from fatigue, playing it! :) I am so excited about this game!

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