Sunday, August 2, 2009

Delightful Hummus...

Okay, so when my sister told me yesterday that she wanted to buy some hummus, which consists of mashed chickpeas, I thought it sounded quite disgusting (the name even sounds unattractive). She kept insisting on it, so I finally gave up and just let her get it. I tell you, when we got home yesterday from the supermarket and tried it, I was blown away! It was absolutely delightful! I love it with Santitas tortilla chips. And get this, you can eat all the hummus you want to eat because it's totally healthy!

Hummus is a dish that comes from ancient Egypt, but now it's apart of the Mediterranean diet, particularly eaten by Greeks. It can be served as a dip or eaten on a pita as a spread. If you decide to buy hummus, make sure it's made by SABRA. They have all types of favors; I prefer the roasted garlic and pine nut one.

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