Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life-saving products for African American Hair

How many of you, particularly African American women, have severe hair damage and don't know what products to use on your hair? I got so sick and tired of getting relaxers only to have hair breakage a few days later. It got so bad that at the nape of my neck, my hair was nearly bald! That's right, nearly BALD due to chemical damage. I was going to a lady in College Park who I know was using cheap relaxers on my hair that were drying my hair out and breaking it. My sister caught her one day trying to put a cheaper relaxer in a professional container and trick customers into thinking that she was using a professional product. Isn't that awful and low class? Well, after my sister saw her doing this, she, of course, had a few words with her and we haven't been back since. This lady was so uncaring, the only thing she did care about was money! And for all of you who are in the Atlanta area, I'll tell you the name of the salon so that you can AVOID it. It's called Heavenly Touch and it's in College Park on Old National Highway.

Anyway, after this experience, I couldn't think of anything to get my hair back together. I was browsing on the Internet looking for products that were good for dry and damaged hair. The only one that kept coming up on search was Aphogee. I found this very helpful video posted by a fabulous young lady named Ateya, who does video beauty blogs on Youtube. I started to follow Ateya's hair regimen, purchasing every product that she recommended to get my hair back together. It's a miracle because my hair has gotten very strong and VERY healthy!! I am sooooo impressed with Aphogee products, that's why, I am posting this video for African American women who may be experiencing the same kind of damage to their hair as I was:

*Aphogee can be used by people with all hair types, but this regimen is strictly for African Americans.

The only thing that I do differently than Ateya, is that I use the Apoghee shampoo called "DEEP MOISTURE." I use this one because I think that with the DRY and DAMAGED shampoo that she recommends, my hair will get too much protein.

If you follow this regimen, your hair will be healthy and strong. I have been using Apoghee for nearly 6 months now and my hair is growing a lot--the bald spot is no longer there!

I believe that it's important for everyone to take care of their hair and to use products that are reputable. I also have found a very good hairstylist, who actually cares about my hair, and uses PROFESSIONAL products on it, which makes a world of difference!

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