Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why does it seem that I'm always writing in this journal section on Thursdays? :)

Anyway, I have been having a great week! Yesterday, around about 4 PM, it got greater, as I received a call from a job that I have recently had an interview with. It was great news to hear that I have gotten the job and I will be starting on July 27 (my sister's birthday). :) I'm so excited! :) Finally things are starting to look up for me, huh? :) I'll be still working in the college system, however, I'll be a full-time employee and have excellent benefits and of course a good paycheck. :) Yay!!! The first thing that popped in my mind after I hung up with my new boss was of course, "Thank you God!" and then... "I'll be able to go to London next spring!" YAY!!!!! Hahahahaha Anyway, today to celebrate my new job, my sister is taking me out to dinner. I haven't decided on the restaurant yet. I'm kind of in the mood for Chinese food. :)

Okay, enough about that, I don't want to get too excited, although I think it's too late for that. :) ....

I want to do a reflection on the Michael Jackson Memorial. As you all know who have read my previous post, I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Tuesday's memorial was heartbreaking to me, but in a way, it was closure also because I finally came to terms with that he is really gone. It was great to see how great a life he lived, minus the accusations, which I don't believe at all. I always knew that Michael was a great humanitarian, but I never knew he did all the things he has done to help those less fortunate. It was amazing to hear the congress woman talk about how he would visit Washington, asking for money to help those hungry and dying from AIDS in Africa.

Though I enjoyed all music song at the event(Usher was great) and the speeches given, I really enjoyed Rev. Al Sharpton's, a man whom I admire for his great works in the black community, speech. His speech about how Michael tore down the color barrier with his music and brought people together was just amazing and so true. I have posted a clip of that video here for everyone to see, especially those who focus on the negativity and label Michael Jackson as a criminal and pedophile.

Those are amazing words by Sharpton, words that he himself said were not scripted, but came from his heart. :) We miss you Michael.


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