Monday, July 13, 2009

Awesome Games!

I was never a computer game geek until I found this game, Delicious 2, which I downloaded free online. I was a huge fan of the Wii game, Cooking Mama, but since I have discovered this computer game that, in my opinion, Cooking Mama can't hold a match to, I have been playing endlessly. Delicious 2 is a game that allows players to cook and serve food to customers in 5 different restaurants/levels: 1. The park (lemonade stand), 2. Bistro (my favorite!), 3. The Italian Restaurant, 4. The Diner, 5. The Sushi Bar . This is a yummy, challenging game that you can get free online at some sites like, or you can download it for like $6.95 at some sites, too.

Emily's Tea Garden is a spin off of Delicious 2. In this game, you help Emily cook her way to owning her own tea garden. This game is just like Delicious 2, however, there are different restaurants that you can cook in: 1. Texas/Western Restaurant, 2. Beach side Ice Cream shop, 3. The Seafood Restaurant, 4. The French Restaurant, and 5. Emily's Tea Garden (my favorite). Like Delicious 2, you can download Emily's Tea Garden online. You can't find it free because it's still kind of new. I got mine for $9.95.

I simply cannot say which game is my favorite of these two because they are both so cool! Download them and play for yourself. I'm sure you'll be as impressed and as hungry as I always am after playing. ;)

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