Friday, May 20, 2016

Lancome - Beauty Products

I was on the search for "the best" skincare products, and I thought I would give these items a try from Lancome. And, I can truly say that I am highly impressed! They are a bit pricey but when you order them in a set, you get a discount - not much, but it still helps! Macy's often gives free gifts with purchase - so that kind of psychologically alleviates the sting you may feel in your pocketbook after purchase. ;)

Before I got these products, I had heard a lot of good things about the Genifique line. Not only from reviews of people who had bought it, but also from my own sister who I gave it to as a gift one Christmas. I just had to try it for myself! After using it, I was really impressed with the softness of my skin and the way it seemed to "glow." I've been stuck on this stuff ever since!

So there you are! If you're looking for some skincare products that actually work, look no further than #Lancome. I really stand behind their products and the makeup line is also AWESOME!

Torri :)

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