Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break - Around SoCal March 2016

Hello All!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter!  Mine was great!  :)  My first Easter here in California and I had a blast.  :)  ...I also had a nice Spring Break.  However, my sister and I had to cancel our trip to Utah, as I only took 3 days off work.  I don't think that a week would be suffice for such a big trip.  However, I am looking forward to it in the near future!  :)

That said, I did enjoy my Spring Break.  We did a few road trips here in Southern California.  They were lovely as always.  The best place that I went to was to visit Orange County and the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  What a lovely place, full of history and peace.  It was also great to visit during such an important time, as Father Junipero Serra, was just made a Saint by Pope Francis last year!  It was cool to stand in some of the many places that Father Serra stood in, especially his chapel.  :)


Day One
We spent day one of spring break checking out one of my favorite places in San Diego - Old Town San Diego!  I purchased this pretty candle from Toby's Candle shop there!  I love it!

Day 2
As I have said earlier, I have always wanted to check out San Juan Capistrano Mission in Orange County and being that one of the founders, Father Junipero Serra, was just made a saint, I could not pass up this opportunity!  :)  It was an amazing experience!

Day 3
We headed towards Vegas and checked out this little ghost town that's nestled deep in the Mojave Desert.  :)  This town was one of the originals discovered by silver-miners in California.  It was a little immature, but I think all in all, it photographed good.  ;) 

 Day 4
This day was an impromptu adventure, as we needed to come up with something else because we decided not to go to Hearst Castle like originally planned.  Instead, my sister came up with a scenic drive to Palm Desert and Palm Springs.  It was awesome!   
(Before we headed to the desert, we ran into these Trump Supporters!  ;)  Temecula loves Trump!)



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