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So-Cal Trip July 2014

Day One:  We arrived in Los Angeles after a 4.5 hour flight from Atlanta.  The first day was pretty uneventful, but we got a chance to relax and enjoy the hotel and sit out on our balconies overlooking this magnificent pool!

 Hotel Accommodations:  Marriott LAX  
My second time there, and each time was FABULOUS! 

 Pool view from my room - so resort like!  

 View from my mother and stepfather's room.

 Nice lobby for guests to enjoy their stay.

 Dinner in the restaurant was great.  :)  

 Corridor to the lobby.  

 Corridor to my room.  :)

 Hotel Bar.  
Nice, clean room with two beds for me and my sister.

 Rental car that made our trip possible.  :)

 Front view of car. 

Day Two:  We headed down the coast to San Diego to check out Old Town San Diego and Coronado Beach.  This drive was 2.5 hours away from Los Angeles.  We stopped along the way to take pictures of the sights.  

(San Diego and Coronado, California): 

 On our way to San Diego, we stopped by Redondo Beach for photos and beautiful views!

Approaching Redondo Beach.

Lovely view from the beachwalk.

 Something I've gotta do each time I'm on the beach.  Write my name "Torri" in the sand. :)

 Step-dad enjoying the big waves.  

 My sister enjoying the ocean breezes.

 My mother taking it all in.  :) 

 Another fantastic view on our way back to the car.

 Bikers biking the bike trail.  

 Somewhere along the coast to San Diego. 
 Stopping for views on our way. 

 In Old Town Historic Park - San Diego
 Beautiful view down the lane - Old Town San Diego

 What a lovely day.  

 Shops around the park.  

 Yummy Mexican food from Casa Reyes Mexican Restaurant.  The food here is always amazing!

 We took a drive over to Coronado Island.  Here's a great picture of Hotel Del Coronado.  

 Me enjoying the ocean breezes and the soft white sands of Coronado's Central Beach. 

 Cute picture of my mother at Central Beach.  :)  

Day Three 
We spent the entire day at Universal Studios!  I love this park!  It has to be the happiest place on earth (sorry Disney).  :)  We rode EVERYTHING!  My favorite rides were Transformers 3D, Jurassic Park, and the Simpsons 3D.  Oh, and the Studio Tour was fun, even though I've done it before.  They've added some new things like the King Kong 3D/Skull Island! 

(Universal Studios Hollywood): 

 Gearing up for some fun at Universal Studios in my Ninja Turtle t-shirt!  :) 

Entrance gate to the park.




 The perfect backdrop on a perfect day- the lovely San Fernando Valley

 We started with the famous Studio Tour!  

 This has been the set for many famous movies!

 We were attacked by Jaws.  What a scary balloon - I mean - shark.  Hahahahah!

 Bates Motel  :)

 We barely escaped Norman's blade!!!  SCARY!!!  ^^ 

 Overlooking the park from the escalators!  WOW!!!  So many people!
 We stood in line for 2 hours to ride the Transformers 3D ride!  It was worth EVERY MINUTE!

 Entering the Transformer's ride.  Hehehe :) 

Blues Brother's Concert at City Walk.

"Waterworld" stunt show - handsome stunt man who kept spraying us with water!  Hehehe  :)
 I nearly died in the House of Horrors.  How scary!!!  ^^  

 After 8 hours of fun, I am beat!  ^^  :)

Day Four:  On this day, we headed up the north coast to Solvang and Santa Barbara.  Solvang is a Danish Village with different stores and restaurants - all influenced by Denmark.  We had a great time walking around and sampling Scandinavian sweets.  

Santa Barbara was amazing.  I can tell why they call it the "American Riviera."  It's so laid back and relaxed.  The views from Stearn Wharf were amazing!

(Solvang and Santa Barbara, California):  

 Before we left the Los Angeles area,  we stopped by Santa Monica Beach 

 Lovely Santa Monica

 Another view of Santa Monica

 Surfers making their way to the water.

I nailed it this time!  :)

 Mother and stepdad steal my famous pose.  :)

 We're doing exactly what the GPS says - Driving on Pacific Coast Hwy! :)

 Stop along the coast near Malibu, California

Beautiful View.  

Another stop along the way (Ventura, California)

My mother and step-dad trying to be cool.  :) hehehe

More views from Ventura.  

Near Point Mugu (Ventura)

Point Mugu ...Beautiful coast!  

Great shot!  :)

Entering the Santa Ynez Valley on our way to Solvang, California.  

The Santa Ynez Valley.. How beautiful!!!

On the road towards the mountains ahead.  

We made it to Solvang!

Quaint streets of Solvang - Danish village.

Beautiful flowers.  

We had danishes at the Danish Mill Bakery and Coffee shop.  YUMMY!

Hard to choose what to order, but I finally settled for an apple and cheese Danish.  :)

Walking while I eat.  :)  

My sister outside Gaveaesken's Giftshop. 

It was like something out of a Harry Potter book!  :)

Cute photo.  ;)  

The Old Windmill of Solvang. 
More lovely shops.  

What a friendly city.  

How do they keep the streets so clean and beautiful?  :)

 Quick video I made of the horse carriages.

Can't go to Solvang without eating "Aebleskivers" with blackberry jam!  YUMMMYY!!!

We ordered Aebleskivers from the Red Viking Restaurant.  

On our way back down to Santa Barbara.  

Another quick stop in the Valley!  :) 

A valley's not complete without a beautiful girl, huh? Hahahah :)

Great view.  California's lovely!

Santa Ynez Valley one last time.  :)

Santa Barbara, California.  

Old Town San Diego from a distance.

Skaters on the beach. 

Stearns Wharf - Santa Barbara

Lovely view of the "American Riviera"

Butterly Beach (Santa Barbara)

We took a stroll on Stearns Wharf.

 Day Five:  We spent the day in Hollywood, the majority of the day at Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum!  It was great!

My yummy breakfast from IHOP

My sister's lovely breakfast from IHOP.  

Arnold's handprint.  :) 

My sister's a big fan of Meryl Streep. 

I think my t-shirt is fitting for this picture.  HARRY POTTER!! ROCK ON!

I hate "Twilight," but couldn't pass up this picture, as everyone else was taking one.  Hahaha

My mother and Johnny Depp.

Me and Rhianna.  Hehehe ;) 

Snoop Dog and me!  :)

Me and Taylor Lautner.  :)  Cute couple, huh?  

Conan's always a joy.  

Jamie Foxx and me.  :)

Simon Cowell and I judge the stars.  :)

With Will Smith.  

With Halle Berry  - two beauties, right?  :)

Robert Pattinson and me. :)

Julia Roberts poses for a picture with me and Tracy.  :)

Morgan Freeman's awesome, and so are we!  :)

Lady Gaga!  Wow!!! 

Me and Justin Bieber.  Hahah :)

Conversing with Ingrid Bergman. 

My sister mocks Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Blvd."  Hahaha :)

Don't even ask.  Hehe!! I got a little too carried away.

Moses and me.  :) 

Tea for one. :)

Boogy with Elvis!

In deep conversation with the Godfather.  hahaha :)

With Forrest Gump.  :)

John Travolta's girls.  :)

My sister helps Steven Spielberg direct.  :)

Tracy and Cameron Diaz.

 Beyonce shows me her moves, but I've got better ones!  ;)

 Angelina, me, and Brad.  :)
 Selma Hayek trying to be like me.  :)

 My mom goes in for a kiss - George Clooney!  :)

 I have no idea who this guy is, but I got a picture with him. hahahah  

 Me and Meryl Streep.  

 My favorite was Bette Davis!

 Bette looks so real!!!  :)

Me and Scarlett O'hara.  :)

Me and ET.  :)

Tracy and Justin Timberlake...what a cute couple.  :)

Me and Elton John.  PEACE!

My stepdad skates with Tony Hawke!  Hahaha

Tracy shows Tony Hawke a few tricks of her own.  Hahah :)

Me and The Rock get cozy.  :)

Wolverine let's me ride his bike.  

My sister and Captain America.  Hehehe

I love HOLLYWOOD always! :)

Ps--I've got tons of more photos, but I think I'll stop here!!  Stay tuned for my next big adventure!

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