Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photos from Christmas 2013

Christmas dining room décor.

Tea cups filled with Christmas cheer.  ;)

More table décor.

Snow village in my foyer.... :)

Let is not forget, the three kings...

Christmas tree in the den

Nativity Set--the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Stockings hung by the fireplace...

Coco's ready for Santa... ;)  (please excuse his bandaged paw - he has a splinter) hahaha

Christmas Eve Dinner at Olive Garden - My mother and sister

Me, ready to dig in to yummy Italian food at Olive Garden.

Homemade chocolate cake with peppermint topping.  :)

My sister and mother- ready to open presents.

My mother's first gift - a beautiful ring from my step-father

My step-dad's first gift- COLOGNE!

Me opening my first gift from my sister...

YAY!!!  The entire Sanford and Son Series!

My sister's first gift from me - Lancôme face products.  :)

My mother's gift from me.  A clinic facial kit!  ;)

My Stepfather's gift from me and my sister. . .

A new flannel shirt - the one he wanted.  ;)

Gift from my sister.....

An exercising mat!  I can't wait to start my work out!

My sister holds a gift from me - a new blanket.

Another gift to go with my exercising mat - workout clothes!!!  ^^

PEACE!!!!!  ;)

My mother's gift to me - Burberry London Perfume - My favorite!

My mother's gift to my sister - the new Este Lauder Pleasure Intense perfume!

I big gift for my stepdad!  What is it????

It's a new TV from my mother.  ;)

My sister and me preparing to open our gift from our mother. . . What is it?
A new boom-box radio!  ;)  WOW!!!!!!  Talk about blasting music!

PEACE again. . . ;) 

Coco opening his present...

He gets it open. .. hahaha and destroys it in about 5 minutes. . . hehehe ;)

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