Friday, December 16, 2016

London River a tearjerker this movie truly is.  I couldn't make myself stop crying after seeing it. No wonder Brenda Blethyn is my favorite actress!  She's amazing in this film - as she is in so many others.  This movie touched me so much because it touches on political topics that are so real - terror attacks, racism, religious persecution, discrimination, etc. . .  Brenda Blethyn plays a mother concerned for her daughter who is away attending the university in London during the 2005 terror attacks on the city.  When her daughter doesn't answer any of her phone calls, she becomes extremely worried and goes to London to find her.  Meanwhile, miles away in France, Mr. Ousmane's wife in Africa has contacted him to tell him that she has become worried because she hasn't heard from their son who is living abroad in London.  Mr. Ousmane travels to London to search for his son. As both parents search for their children, their paths continue to cross, and together they find out devastating news about their children.  This is truly a must see film.  The ending is very heavy, but the story is one of love, acceptance, and strength.

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