Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mother's Day Luncheon

We decided to do something a little different for my mother this year to show her how much we really love her and appreciate her!  She's the best and without her, I don't know where I'd be - or if I'd be for that matter.  ;)  I put together a charming little lunch for her consisting of fresh, premade wraps on different types of wrap breads (wheat, spinach, plain and tomato), Zuppa Tuscana soup that I got from Olive Garden, hotwings that I made quickly, chips, and for dessert there was ice cream and cake!  On this day, my mother got to sit back and relax as we showed our appreciation to her!  I hope your Mother's Day was as great as my mother's!  ;)

Torri ;)

My mother with a basket full of gifts from Estee Lauder - her favorites!

Easy, but charming little luncheon!

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