Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July Holiday!  It's been sooo long since I have written in this journal.  I am honestly sorry for those of you who enjoy reading my posts!  I 've been extremely busy at the moment; and particularly busy today, as I am hosting a 4th of July holiday dinner for my family!  This year, I 've decided to do something very different!  And I've planned to update my "Holiday" section with photos of today's Independence Day celebration so stay tuned!  ^^

There' nothing new going on in my life except for the fact that I am hastily looking for a new job at the moment!  The college where I worked has gone through some terrible financial woes, and get this, they were not all due to the horrible economical meltdown in this country.  Strange, huh?  It was was a fraudulent, mismanagement of money, which resulted in loads of people losing their jobs.  Unfortunately, I was one of them.  The college's administrators are being investigate and could possibly face jail time.

I am not angry at all.  I see it as a positive step in my life.  Having recently finished my Master's degree, I felt a little stagnant at my old job.  It was a bore and I constantly felt that I was wasting my time and my talent there.  I feel relieved to have been laid off because I can now go on to pursue other goals and find a job that's more in line with my professional studies.  There is something bigger and better out there for me (for all of us) and I just have to find it.  Sitting at a desk all day, hardly ever interacting with students, and often bored out of my mind was not something that I wanted to do my entire life! :)  I have  a few job interviews lined up at other great universities around the city!  Wish me luck!

That said, I've been enjoying my time off work, working in my garden, cooking, hanging out with friends, and more importantly, writing my book!  I've made tons of changes to the actual direction of my novel.  I think it's great so far!  I cannot wait until I have it finished.  :)

Well, I must go now.  I've checked in with you all and let you know what I am up to! 

There will be new updates soon! 

Have a great day!

Torri :)

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