Monday, January 16, 2012

Harry Potter

OK, so with all the hype surrounding Harry Potter and the fame of the series and it's writer, I decide that I needed to experience it all for myself. I purchased the Harry Potter box set from Amazon for $50 and began reading endlessly (7 months). I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the books, not all were my favorite, though, but the imagination of JK Rowling is so HUGE, it's almost SCARY! She has created a whole world of magic and overwhelming weirdness that I felt trapped in myself! I mean, who would even think of something as far fetched as moving pictures, flying hippogriffs, horcruxes, hallows, dementors, merpeople and so, so much more!

The first two books of the series, I would say, were for children, but as Harry progresses in age, the books become more mature and more, in my opinion, "serious," which I think is a great move on the writer's end because it allows the audience to grow with Harry. I would say that out of all 7 books, "The Prisoner of Azakaban," "The Half-Blood Prince," and "The Deathly Hallows," were my favorite three. Granted, the others were good, but I found that "The Goblet of Fire" and "The Order of the Phoenix" had a lot of unnecessary rambling-ons that could have been summed up in half the number of pages that Rowling filled up. I found myself losing my concentration and bored while reading those two. Don't get me wrong, the two books are significant in the series, but they were by far too long and uninteresting at points.

At the end of the day, however, I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for having read and purchased all seven of what the world considers to be one of the most intriguing modern series! I have enjoyed them all, and I will definitely reread some of the books in the future. I will save my collection for my children, in hope that they find the Magical World of Harry Potter as interestingly fascinating as I have! :) I won't give away the "message" of the series, but I think it was one that any child or adult should take to heart!


Torri :)

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