Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Trip to Stone Mountain Park

During this spring break, my sister and I decided to take a local day trip to Stone Mountain Park. Being history and paranormal buffs, we were only interested in visiting the Antebellum Plantation Homes and Farmyard at the park, which are said to be extremely haunted. My favorite paranormal investigators, TAPS, recently visited the park and reported hauntings in the slave quarter shacks and in the Thornton home (the oldest house in Georgia). For more information about their investigation, feel free to check out this video which aired on SYFY (Ghost Hunters) a few weeks ago, and is the ultimate reason why we were motivated to visit the planation homes: Although I didn't catch any apparitions, I really found the grounds around the planation park to be very lovely, and the historical information I found on each home was very interesting. :) That said, if you're looking for an easy day trip and you're in Georgia, I suggest checking out Stone Mountain. There are loads of other attractions there that are equally as cool as the Antebellum Plantation Homes and Farmyard--it just happens to be my favorite though! :) Enjoy my pictures!

Stone Mountain

Lovely view on a gorgeous Spring day!

Stone Mountain at a distance

The beautiful Dickey Plantation Home

Dickey Plantation home garden view

Gazebo and garden view at Dickey Plantation home

A beautuiful southern belle in the gazebo. :)

Child's bedroom at the Dickey Plantation

Kitchen at the Dickey Plantation

Elegant master bedroom at Dickey Plantation

Formal Dining room at Dickey Plantation

Carriage house with antique carriage

Standing in the doorway to the old barn at the Farmyard

Tiny slave cabin for single slave or a small family

Larger cabin for a large slave family

Inside the slave quarter

The Thornton House (the oldest home in Georgia); this place is HAUNTED!!

Diningroom inside Thornton Home

Child's Bedroom in Thornton home (Place where TAPS heard the ghostly voice of a small girl)

Kingston Manor House

Diningroom inside the Kingston Manor House

Dogwood Trail to the plantation (lovely treelined drive)

Stone Mountain Park sign. :)

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David Mesombe said...

Your pictures tells that you like Black History. I like that too.