Sunday, February 13, 2011

Case 39
What has she gotten herself into, a single, Canadian social worker asks herself. Lillith seems to be a bright and loveable little girl who is being abused by her parents for no apparent reason at all. She tells her social worker that her parents want to kill her and that they told her that they were going to send her to Hell. When the social worker hears this, she immediately response by taking the child out of her parents' home. Unfortunately, she cannot find anywhere for Lillith to go, all of the foster homes are packed and little Lillith cries when she's made to stay in a state home. The Social worker takes here home and that's when all Hell breaks loose.... Lillith is not the little angel she's cracked up to be. :) What a treat! Zellwegger does an excellent job as the social worker in this one! A MUST SEE!

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