Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Not Scared

I just saw this movie a few weeks ago and it was phenomenal! Everything about it was great! This is the first Italian language film that I have seen and it was full of suspense. A young boy, Michele, finds another young boy who has been kidnapped, trapped inside a dark hole in the ground near where he and his friends play. Michele takes a liking to the young boy, as he brings him food, keeps him company, and on occasion, takes him out of the hole and plays with him. Little does Michele that his PARENTS are responsible for the little boys kidnapping.

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I am a huge fan of "Predator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. That move was action packed and just plain out AWESOME! This past Sunday, my sister and I went to see the new "Predators" movie, and although I have some gripes with the plot and some of the characters (of course not Adrian Brody), I would say that this movie was nearly as good as the first one. If you haven't seen "Predators," I recommend that you see it today! :)

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