Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quien Puede Matar Un Nino?

"Who Can Kill a Child" reminds me a lot of the movie "Children of the Corn," only there's no religious/satanic reason as to why the children kill all the adults in their village. Tom and Evelyn, a British couple holiday on an island off the coast of Spain, only to find that there are no adults living on it; there are only children there. As time goes on, the couple is terrorized by the children, who seek to murder them; however, these kids meet their match, and thinking that just because they are "innocent children,"no one will not harm them, does not work this time. Tom retaliates to save his wife and unborn child.

This movie is not the best because there are incidents in which I ask "how can you be so stupid!" :) But it's still a cool movie! :)

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