Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cache or Hidden French masterpiece is so incredibly suspenseful! I have not seen anything as utterly brilliant in all my life. Cache is a movie about a family who is being stalked by an unseen person. This hidden person leaves video tapes on the porch of the family as they leave from and come to their home (how freaky is that?). Georges (the main character) has an idea who may be behind these videos, but he keeps his family in the dark about his suspicions. Director, Michael Haneke does a great job in directing this film because he keeps you guessing. I really enjoyed this movie because the message behind it is very strong and valuable. Not only was the message one of truth, but the acting is superb as well. I highly recommend this flim! It is definitely at the TOP of my list!

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Shutter Island

I just went to the movies the past weekend to see "Shutter Island" with my sister because I had read the reviews, particularly that of Roger Ebert, about how good the film was. To be honest, I was quite impressed with this film; however, there are some things that could have been done a little better like, for example, the ending, which was too predictable. The film was great though. The acting, of course with Dicaprio playing the lead role was awesome. The setting and the plot went together well and created a psychological mood. I really enjoyed "Shutter Island" though there were parts that needed to be different in my opinon! Definitely a must see! ;)

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