Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Skeptic

Though a low-budget, independent film, "The Skeptic" is a fascinating ghost story, and now, one of my favorite films. Following the death of his aunt, Bryan Beckett inherits the family mansion which is, from his first night there, haunted. However, Beckett, being a skeptic dismisses all thoughts of a haunting, and always offers an excuse as to what may have caused the weird occurrences in the house. Odd things continue to happen in the mansion and Beckett learns that he can no longer offer any explanations. Soon, with the help of Cassie (the lovely Zoe Saldana), Beckett uncovers a horrible secret about his family, one that he, himself, has buried deep inside himself.
This film is a classic ghost story. Those of you expecting to see a blood/gore film will not be interested in this one. However, those you who like "intelligent," well-crafted ghost stories will appreciate the beauty, and storyline of this film.
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