Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another monday. :( It seems that the weekends don't last long at all! By the time I have even decided how I'll spend my saturday, it's already time for sunday! Hahaha

I have been doing well. Luckily everything's back to normal in my city. All the flood waters receded and the roads are back up and running again. I'm so happy that I don't have to wait in so much traffic to get home in the evenings! What a load off!

I'm so excited about Halloween, although I have not even purchased any candy for the little trick-or-treators that will be coming by my house on saturday. Who could ask for anything more than Halloween being on Saturday? It's every kid's dream, right? They don't have to worry about getting in bed early because they have to go to school the next day or anything! They are free to stay up and eat candy until the wee hours of Sunday morning.;) Hahaha

I wish I could go out and get candy, but I do think I'm a little too old for that sort of thing. Instead, I'll do a "grown up" thing like have a fall tea party. Recently I've been so intrigued by tea pots. I think it's because I watch so much BBC-America! ;) just bought this cute teapot from Kirklands a week ago. I really love it a lot. It has inspired me to host tea parties and to drink tea whenever I have the chance to (hahaha):

However, for the Fall/Halloween tea party I'm having on Saturday, I'll bring out the best, most elegant set that I have! :) And of course I'll be posting pictures of the foods, my guests, and the decor so stay tuned! Hahahaha

What else is knew? I'm trying to get into graduate school, and in order to do it, I must take an entrance exam. I don't even want to speak about the GRE! That's the WORST test that I've ever taken! After taking it, I felt like a complete IDIOT! Those questions, I tell you, were IMPOSSIBLE to answer. If it was up to my score on the GRE to get into grad school, I swear, I would never get in!

I didn't give up though. I knew there had to be some hope for me to get into grad school and to pass an exam. Every school that I looked into wanted scores from the GRE or the MAT. I knew I would not take the GRE, not only because it was hard, but because it was $150 each time I had to take it, even retake it. I decided this past week to take the MAT (Miller's Analogy Test) which is a much cheaper test. Everyone says that becasue this test only has analogies, it's going to be difficult, but as an previous English major, I found it much more easier than the GRE. I did very well! I was surprised. Now, I have to find some graduate programs! ;)

That's all for now.


ToRRi :)

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