Monday, June 6, 2016

Life in SoCal - Monday, June 6, 2016

I’ve been in California for about one year now and I thought that it would be appropriate to give everyone my scoop on life here.  Here goes....

Redondo Beach
California is the most popular state in the USA and I must say that I can understand why.  Life here has been incredible so far!  I have been enjoying it so much and can't think of any other place that fits my personality and desires more - all except Hawaii - my second home!  ^^  Both places are very similar; however, California has a bit more to offer.  Since living here, I've done and experienced some things that I never thought I'd get a chance to.  Options and opportunities here are so vast, and so many, that you never run out of things to explore, see, and do!  For example, in how many other places can you go from the sun-scorched desert, on to the cool and refreshing beach, to the snow-covered mountain ranges, then up the majestic coastline - all in one day?  Talk about diversity, talk about amazing, talk about CALIFORNIA!  :)

Anyway, I put together this little questionnaire in hope to give some insight and to debunk some of the stereotypes of the Golden State.  Hope you enjoy!
Palm Desert

1.  Californians are laid-back and "chill."  

  • True.  I would have to agree with this one.  No one ever rushes to do anything (contrary to popular belief - they even drive slow!).  Though the "rat-race" still exists here,  it is on a much different, insignificant scale than it is in other places around the USA.  No one makes a big deal out of anything in California.  If you're late, you're late.  If you make a mistake, you make a mistake.  It's all good!  .....I'll give you an example of just how laid-back it is.  While trying to get a job here last year, I had some of the most easiest interviews on earth - and even ended up landing 3 jobs!  These jobs were actually way more professional/higher up than the one I had left in Atlanta.  I interviewed for a job at the University of San Diego and the first question of the interview was, "What is your favorite movie and why?"  I couldn't believe it!  Hahahaha!  I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't.  Then, me and my would-be-boss went into this deep conversation about vampires after I told her that I liked the Swedish movie, "Let the Right One In."  Hahahaha!

2.  California is all about L.A. and San Francisco.
  • Well, Los Angeles and San Francisco are very popular tourist areas, but California, when you live here, is not so centered and focused on them.  To be honest, most Californians avoid those places like the plague because of the traffic, tourism, and hype.  California is HUGE there are so many other cities tucked away to hang out in and explore.  Leave L.A and San Francisco to the tourists, and let's go check out places like Carmel-by-the-Sea, Palm Desert, Solana Beach, etc...
Santa Barbara
3.  Californians are rude and stuck up.
  • While I am sure that some Californians are very rude, my experience with them has been totally opposite.  To be honest, I find them "too friendly," which says a lot coming from a person from the south, where "southern hospitality" is bragged about.   Californians are much more nicer and helpful than any southerner that I have ever met.   You can just be somewhere hanging out (store, work, etc) and some random stranger will come up to you and want to talk. It's so easy to meet people here. No one seems to have any hangups or qualms just because you are of a different race or culture - or just because they don't know you.
4.  All Californians have plastic surgery and fake bodies.
  • I have been coming to California for years and have not found this to be true at all.  In fact, most Californians are FAT!  They love to eat fast-foods and live a very relaxed life.  When I go to Los Angeles, I see the same thing.  Of course there are some people who do Botox and things like that, but all the "Hollywood fakery" is not true at all (no Californication here - sorry Chili Peppers).  People are just normal - fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, cute, attractive, FUGLY - you name it.  Hehehe ;)
5.  California is the most diverse place in the USA.
  • Totally agree.  Nearly everyone is MIXED with something!  You see all types of couples as well.  It is the most diverse place that I have ever been to!  Everyone is here.  All cultures, all races, all - everything!  Think about it, in what other places can you run out and get Greek food, British food, Irish food, Russian Food, Indian Food, Mexican Food, African Food, Jamaican Food, Thai Food, Chinese Food, Vietnamese Food, Philippine Food, Spanish food etc, etc...!  - Hey, I didn't say that all this food is great, but you can still get it in California!  :)
6.  Celebrities can be seen at every street corner.
  •  FALSE!  I have yet to see a celebrity while living here and even visiting here before I moved. But, I plan to!  (Someone told me where Erik von Detten - my favorite crush when I as a teen - likes to hangout in Marina Del Rey.  I plan on checking it out soon.) Hahahahah!
Me and Justin Bieber
 7.  Californians start their day at the beach and can all surf.
  • FALSE!  Californians start their day in traffic....and  many are too tired on the weekends to go surfing.  ;)
 8.  Earthquakes happen everyday.
  • This is true, but you don't feel any of them.  I only felt about 2 since I've been here.  And as far as the San Andreas Fault exploding soon - I guess that's true as well, but they have been saying this for YEARS.  Californians don't go around worrying about earthquakes all day.  Why worry about something that hasn't affected you? ...Yet. :)
9.  California is very expensive and overpriced.
  •  True, but so are most other places in the USA.  In California, the cost of living is comparable to Georgia. Jobs pay WAY more, though, so, for me,  there is money left over to live comfortable doing the things I like to do - save, travel, shop, etc. . . 
 10.  Traffic in California is horrible.
  • True.  *gags*
11.  California is always on fire (wildfires).
  • My family members that don't live here are always calling me and telling me that they've heard of some random fire burning here. . . Then I find out where it's at and it's sooooo far way!    Most of the time, these fires are burning in underpopulated, wilderness areas so they aren't a big deal.  They don't even put it on the news here.  I have to Google it to find out if there's one happening. 
12.  The weather is always sunny.  
  • For the most part, this is true, but not always.  In May and June it's always cloudy and cool.  There's this thing called "May Gray" and "June Gloom" when clouds come in from over the Pacific.  It usually clears in the afternoon.  However, I find that I really like the clouds, as they provide shade from the hot sun.  There is no humidity here, so you get the highest rays of sun! It can be tough!
Hollywood Sign

Thanks for reading!  Life updates coming soon!  :)


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