Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello all!  I hope you are all doing great.  I am doing good.  I've been very busy, but I am actually getting some things that I needed to do knocked off my list of "what to do next."

I noticed that I needed to just back up a little bit.  I just sort of got ahead of myself, not telling how the move out here was, and what all had to be done to get here.  :)  So, I'll talk about it a little bit.... 

My sister and I had put most of our things in storage and used only a little bit of furniture in our apartment.  We used North American Vanlines to move us, and mind you, please don't ever use this company.  They are so unprofessional and don't take pride in handling your stuff.  As a result, a lot of our furniture was damaged, and they'll have to pay to get it fixed or replaced - that's another story though.  ...Back on topic.  We had our cars shipped out to California.  They took about 5 days to get here.  All in all, this was a very expensive move, but we've been saving for it and it didn't put much of a strain on our wallets as it could have!  But let me tell you, the time it took to pack up, get everything out of storage, etc, was a nightmare!  I feel like I haven't worked so hard in my life!  I'm so glad it's all over and that my life now has a little bit more normalcy to it.  ;)  Not 100%, but we're getting there!  Check out my pictures below.  I think I'm better explaining things through pictures.  :)

Packing up the apartment:

Moving truck outside the storage unit:

Cars lined up to get ready to be shipped:

Coco tests out his travel bag for the flight to California:

Last view of Atlanta Airport on the day of leaving (glad to be gone from that boring place):

Pictures I took with my mobile from the flight window:

Last view over Georgia.....

Not sure where we were on this one..but the clouds are amazing:

Over New Mexico: 

Over Arizona...

Anyway!!!  I have good news!  I was able to get my California driver's license.  Why am I happy about it, considering that I've been driving since I was 15?  Well, because they made me WORK FOR IT!  Literally.  I had to take a test that I knew NOTHING about.  California driving rules are a little bit different than Georgia.  There were questions on it about driving in thick fog and dust storms, motorcycle rules (I don't even have a motorcycle), and other strange things.  I failed the test the first time I took it, but I could take it immediately after, and so I passed it! YAY!  I do admit that I felt a little stupid sitting over there with one of those driving books that teenagers use, having to quickly study over the things that I missed.  Hahahah!  And that's not all, after I received my licenses, another blow was given: the cost to get my car transferred/registered in California!  Nearly $900!!!!!  Wow!!!  What a nightmare!  Luckily, I had enough to pay it there on the spot, but it was just crazy.  Not to mention that my car - which is basically new - still had to be checked for smog! Another fee!!! I mean, the thing just got off the car assembly line, but they are still making me get a smog test?!  So crazy!

All in all, I really enough living here like I've said before.  :)  There is always something to do and look forward to.  I will especially take advantage of that fact when I have more free time and am not so busy doing other things around the house.  Ohh, speaking of house, my sister and I am having a great time decorating it and getting everything together.  I hope to post pictures of it soon.  There's still loads to do!  This house is a lot more spacious than the one that we left.  It can take more things, meaning there we've had to add more furniture!  Hahahahahah!!!!  ;)

This past weekend, we had a chance to relax a little.  We went up to the mountains (I've posted my first video about it), and afterwards, had lunch at a local Chinese restaurant in Temecula called Chin's (  The food wasn't all that good, but the presentation and customer service was great! The restaurant is very nicely decorated.  I've taken pictures below.

Our lunch started with a pot of tasty green tea:

 Appetizer was Cream Cheese Rangoon.  They were good, but kind of a little too sweet:

 We ordered the "soup of the day," which was Corn Soup. 

 My sister ordered the Kung Pao Chicken:

I ordered the Garlic Chicken:

Nicely decorated restaurant dining room.

Well, that's news from me. I hope you all are doing well and I hope you keep reading and stopping by my blog!  :)

Torri :)

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