Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Italian Chirstmas 2014

This past Christmas was the best!  There's not really much to say but that I had a great time with my family.  We thought outside the box and had an Italian Christmas dinner!  Check out my yummy pictures below!  ;)

 Let's start with dessert - homemade strawberry cheesecake! Great after any Italian meal.

 Up close and personal 

 Can't forget the true meaning of Christmas

 Coco poses in his new PJ set

 Me, in beside the tree.  :)

A room full of gifts.  :)

 Super cute Christmas brownies that I made.

 Brownie cuties!

 Christmas throughout the house....

 The food - Fresh salad, Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna,  Chicken Gnocchi soup, bread sticks.  What a GREAT FEAST!  

 Table full of food!  

 Soup with bread sticks - served before the meal. 

 My plate...  :)

 Me delighted to see such pretty PJs for Christmas!

 My mother and White Diamonds

 My stepfather and his new wafflemaker.  heheh

 Me and my Vera Wang - Bejewelled - fragrance 

 My sister and her Lancome gifts.  :)

 Coco and his gift - a sock around a water bottle.  We got tired of giving him presents that he destroys in only 5 minutes - waste of money.  We took the cheap way, and he couldn't tell the difference!  ;)

 New pans for someone who LOVES to cool!  BELGIQUE! FANCY!

 Stepdad and his new boots!

 Lovely quilt - thanks mom!

 My sister opens a large box!

 A new bed comforter!!  

 Opening our gift together.  :)  How cute!!!  Hahahaha

Coco chills on Christmas night.  Hahahah

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