Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Like Father, Like Son


 I was just browsing NetFlix, when I came across this movie, which stood out to me because I had read in the Entertainment section of an online news source that Steven Spielberg was actually remaking it.  Of course, it seems that once Japanese - or any foreign movies for that matter - are remade by American directors/writers, the movies lose their quality, message, or entertainment.  So, I decided to watch this one before the script is completely ruined by Spielberg, who I am not a big fan of.    

This movie is a drama movie with great acting, and a great story about two families who are struggling to pick up the pieces when they learn that their sons were switched at birth.  When switching the two boys back turns into a disastrous nightmare, these two families, especially one of the fathers, quickly learn that being a happy, close family is much deeper than blood, genes, and biology.   Worth a watch!

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Stranded out at sea, miles away from land and civilization, one man battles it all to stay alive when all seems to be against him. 

This movie is one with few words, but that's made up for, as Robert Redford does an excellent job grasping all attention, battling the elements and trying everything he can possibly think of to stay a live in the vast and deep, Indian Ocean.  This movie has a very good message at the end and the ending is one that will leave you wondering, but either way you see it, it's a happy ending.  

This movie is really worth your time, and makes you feel like you're right out there on the ocean along for the ride - drift.  

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