Monday, July 31, 2017

Hell Girl - Jigoku Shoujo
I've become a bit of an anime fanatic recently, and I blame it all on the fact that there are just simple no good movies out right now.  So, I've broadened my horizon, and set my eyes on other things!

I've got to say that "Hell Girl," known as "Jigoku-Shoujo" in Japan, has to be my all time favorite anime!  In a series of episodes about random revenge seeking elementary, middle, and high school students who are all bullied by their peers,  Ai Enma aka "Hell Girl" comes to the rescue, as she avenges each student and sets him/her free from their tormentors.  However, there is one catch to it all.  Once Hell Girl helps the revenge seeker, she makes a pact with him/her that once they die, their soul belongs to her in Hell.  Of course, this doesn't sound too bad to young students who are seeking immediate alleviation from their current situation, but one day they will find out that what they have bargained for was not worth the suffering that they will have to face in Hell. 

Hell Girl has three very entertaining seasons- 1, 2, and 3.  Out of the three, the second one is my favorite, as they stories become more realistic and the people involved are adults, not just children.  What I really like about this particular animation is the fact that the drawing is so life like and very vibrate colors are used.  Like so many other fans, I hope that there's a Hell Girl season 4!

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