Friday, April 12, 2013

Halter Tops

The weather's getting warmer and I've had the hardest time trying to locate the PERFECT halter top.  I've gone to ever store I could think of, but none of them seem to have what I am looking for.  They are all either too low-cut (inappropriate to wear to work or anywhere for that matter) or just plain unflattering!  I finally got fed up last week and ordered this cool pattern by Kwik Sew for $11.99.  I think these tops are very flattering and classy!  These designs are quite simple to make and so I'll be making a lot of them!  I'll take a few of them on my vacation to Hawaii this summer, so I'll pick a couple of tropical prints at Joann's this weekend!  :)  Once I am done, I'll take pictures and post them for you to see.  ;)  What a great sewing project this will be!  Stay tuned!

Torri ;)

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