Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been M.I.A!!  hehehe  I've been so busy these past few months.  I've started a new job!  YAY!  I really love it a lot.  It's at a great university in Atlanta.  I've been there now for about 3 weeks.  So far so good. The pay is excellent and I am looking forward to taking a lot of more trips in the new future! 

I am planning on updating my blog ASAP.  Probably towards the end of this week.  I've got so much to share and so many pictures!  :)  Oh!  I finished my yukata.  It looks fabulous!  I will be posting pictures of it soon!! 

Sorry I am in a hurry now.  I hope to write more later!  Please stay tuned in for LOADS of updates!

Torri :)

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Violetas Rendadas said...

Gosto muito de seu modo de escrever, gostaria de morar aí, seríamos amigas com certeza. Sucessos no seu novo emprego.