Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And Soon the Darkness (1970)

I came across this movie while I was browsing Netflix one night because I was bored out of my mind. This movie starts a bit slow with two friends from UK on holiday in the French countryside, riding their bicycles and doing a little bit of sightseeing. About 15 minutes into the film, the plot starts to develop, with a "stalker" guy watching the two girls and seemingly following them on his motorbike. Eventually, the two friends have an argument and one gets angry and leaves the other behind. It is not until she is told by a local French woman that the road they are traveling on is dangerous and that someone was murdered on it a few months early that she starts to have second thoughts about leaving her friend. However, when she returns to the place she left her, it's already too late; her friend has been kidnapped, which sets the stage for the real nightmare to begin, as this lonely and afraid traveler learns that she must trust NO ONE and that everyone she meets in this French countryside is suspicious. Will she find her friend or will she end up just like her?

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