Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Les Yuex Sans Visage or The Eyes Without a Face

So I've always believed the stereotype that French cinema sucks. For some French films, especially the contemporary ones, this has been a correct generalization. ;) However, for this particular film, it's not. I was thoroughly impressed with the "Eyes Without a Face." This black and white, French language film will keep you on the edge of your seat.
A wealthy plastic surgeon is distraught when his beautiful daughter Christiane's face is ruined in a car accident. To restore her beauty, and to help relieve his grieving, the surgeon, with the help of his nurse, begins to kidnap young girls around Paris and remove their faces. He places their face on his daughter's. Many times, the surgeon is unsuccessful, as the faces begin to deteriorate and rot away.
I was absolutely in disbelief at how graphic this film was. It's hard to believe that something like it was made in 1959. It's a wonderful movie. The ending is great!
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