Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boy am I excited! It's going to be fall time soon! :) Fall is my favorite season of the year! The leaves changing color, Halloween is around the corner, and who can forget my favorite holiday-- Thanksgiving! :) I can't wait!

I am a huge tennis fan! Of course I wanted Rafa to win the US Open because I think he's great, but he didnt. I'm just happy to see him healthy again, though. I was also happy to see Juan Martin del Potro beat the SNOT out of Roger Federer! That was great! :) During the trophy presentation, did anyone else notice how rude Dick Emberg was to del Potro when del Potro asked him if he could speak in Spanish? I could not believe that Emberg wouldn't allow him to do it at first. It was so RUDE! How come when the foreign Caucasian players want to speak in their native language, they are allowed to do so by Emberg (I hope there's no bias/prejudice going on, Dick). Del Potro had to basically BEG Emberg to let him say something in Spanish! And then, the microphone was taken from him before he got to say all he wanted to say. I still think many white Americans have a LONG way to go when it comes to accepting diversity and accepting the fact that the world's people extend FAR beyond white.

And what about Serena Williams? She acted a complete IDIOT! She was definitely out of line when she cursed at the lines woman--such filth and disrespect! I believe that Serena should have been fined more than $10,000! That goes for Roger Federer, too. He cursed at the chair umpire like he believes himself to be some big "god" of tennis or something. I just think that the money these athletes make goes to their head. They should be especially nice and not take for granted the fact that they don't have to work on REGULAR jobs like so many other people, and that they can make MILLIONS just by doing something as brainless and insignificant as hitting a ball back and forth to one another.

What I'm sick of hearing about is Kayne West and how he "ruined" Taylor Swift's night at VMA. Is anyone else SICK OF IT? Yeah, what West did was wrong, but no worse than what Congressman Louis did to President Obama during his speech! Why is everyone going crazy about Taylor Swift and not President Obama? Suddenly she's more important and should be more respected than the President? Come on America! ..........Actually, I thought what Kayne did was quite funny, "Taylor, I'm gone let you finish but...." Hahahahaha!


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