Monday, July 5, 2010

My Fourth of July Celebration (July '09)

I had a fabulous Fourth of July holiday yesterday! Everything went great, and everything turned out wonderful. I was a little nervous how my potato salad would taste because usually when I make it, it's not good-- either having too little mustard or too much mayonnaise, but yesterday, it was perfect! :) I took a picture of it:

During the holidays, having a nice table scape is very important to me. I purchased some inexpensive, patriotic decorations from Old Time Pottery to make the table-top look festive. And who could have an Independence Day celebration without remembering the historical election of President Obama? I added a picture of the first family to my table:

This Fourth of July, there were new recipes, Paula Deen's delicious Brunswick stew (pictured first) and my sister's yummy pulled chicken sandwiches (pictured second):

And who says that the best ribs are done on the grill? That's not the case with my mother's yummy barbecue baby-back ribs that were done in the oven. I swear, I think I could have eaten nearly 1000 of these babies! Tehehehe

OK, so here's my plate...

and let me just say, I got some of EVERYTHING! :) hehehehe The corn that my mother made (in the foil on the left) was fabulous. I'm thinking about even posting the recipe in my recipe section for you all to enjoy, too!

For dessert, which I didn't have room for after eating, I made a pink, strawberry shortcake...

After such a YUMMY meal, we sat down to enjoy a game of TUNK. Yes, playing for money. ;) Gee Gee is working on wiping us all out! :)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July Celebration, and for those of you who are not American, I hope your July 4 was spectacular, too! :)

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