Wednesday, June 22, 5014

Let the Right One In is a reason why I have listed this film as # 1. It's my all time FAVORITE movie! "Let the Right One In" is a remarkable film about the life of a vampire living in modern day Sweden. The movie stays true to the vampire genre by incorporating all we know and have learned about the creatures. I have recently seen the film "Twilight," which, in my opinion, insults vampires and the genre by entwining both with a boring plot of romance that goes nowhere. I can seriously say that there were times during "Twilight" that I just wanted to drop-kick my TV and burn the DVD. If you are looking for a great movie about vampires that will keep you intrigued, excited, guessing, and entertained, then I suggest that you watch "Let the Right One In;" you will not be disappointed at all.

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