Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June, 24, 2009

I have finally had a chance to write in this section of my blog, as I have nearly completed my page. There are still some finally things that I need to add like, my family section. However, overall, I am pleased with how everything has turned out. As I write this post, I am at work. It's a kind of slow day today, as there aren't many students on campus during the summer semester. It's a good thing because I get to relax and work on my blog! :)

This week has been pretty good so far. It will be even better tomorrow because that's the last day I have to work this week. I'm so happy that our summer hours don't require us to work on Fridays. :) So, I get a three day weekend.

I'm a huge tennis fan, who is madly in love with Rafael Nadal! Okay, maybe love was too strong of a about me just saying I'm a HUGE fan of his. :) I was stunned last friday when I learned that he would not be playing in Wimbledon. What a huge heartbreak for me! There's absolutely no reason for me to watch the tournament now. I don't like Federer nor any of the other guys playing. This tennis season has been awful. I still can't believe that Rafa lost the French Open to Robin Soderling. And what about that STUPID final with Federer and Soderling? It was AWFUL! So boring! Soderling making it to the finals was a complete waste of time! I hope Rafa can pull himself together and start winning again! Without him in the tournaments, tennis is NOTHING!

Well, this is my first post. I know it's boring, but there's really nothing cool happening right now. :) Hahahhaa



Sherry said...

I really enjoy your blog, please continue to share your interesting life with us. You are doing something great, keep it up. Look forward to visiting you again real soon.


Alessandria Sergio said...

Hi Torri, I had been browsing in your blog some weeks ago but hadn´t done any comments.I love it!
By the way,thanks for being a great friend.

Many thanks,